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  • DC24V Central Motor Australian Style Roller Shutter Motor

    Product Description HLD-20N SPRING BLANCE ROLLER SHUTTER MOTOR 1.Input power: 80W~100W 2.Fast speed 0.18M/S, low noise and power 3.Rebound when blocked. Stop when blocked. 4.You could match with reseived power for controller.Then u...

    2021-12-28 13:27:13
  • Oilless Mini Quietest 1.0 HP Rocking Piston Motor

    Product Description Oilless Mini quietest 1.0 Hp Rocking Piston Motor Advantages: Oil-less Vacuum Pumps Motor Head / Air Compressors PRANSCHoil-less rocking piston pump and air compressor combines the best characteristics of tradit...

    2021-12-28 10:54:02
  • M2bax200MLB 37kw Ie3 Nuclear Power Plant 3 Phase Electric Mo

    Product Description ------Brief------ -M2BAX - Low voltage general performance motors are ABB high efficiency products . This series of motors are designed for both the Chinese market and export. Product development is on ABB stron...

    2021-12-27 21:21:39
  • Golden motor 72V 10KW electric car motor,electric motorcycle

    Product Description Cooling/Water Cooling 48v /72v /96v 10kw for Electric Motorcycle, Drive Your MotorcycleUp to 100mph Convert your gasoline powered motorcycle, scooter into electric version easily! Clean, Quiet, Efficient, Light ...

    2021-12-27 17:04:37
  • 57mm Low Noise RoHS 36V inner rotor Brushless DC Motor FL57B

    FL57BL(S) (Series) - Dimensions ( General Specifications ) (Electric Connection) ( Winding Type ) ( Delta connection) Type Color Functions ( Hall Effect Angle ) 120 ( Electrical Angle of 120 degree) ( Radial Play ) 0.025mm@460g UL1...

    2021-12-27 13:28:29
  • 380V 50Hz 45 Kw 2 Poles Ye3 Three Phase High Efficiency Indu

    Product Description Why choose us ? ELECTRIC MOTOR FEATURES Electric motor frame from 56 - 355, output range from 0.17HP to 430HP Motor mounting type B3 (IM 1001), B35 (IM 2001), B5 (IM 3001), B14 (IM 3601), B34 (IM 2101) Optional ...

    2021-12-27 10:03:34
  • Y Series Big Power Energy Saving Motor for Power Station

    Product Description Y series asynchronous high voltage motor is a new product designed and developed by our company based on the design and manufacturing technology of BBC, AEG AND RENKin accordance with international standards. Th...

    2021-12-27 05:09:52
  • Golden Motor brushless DC motor,48V 5kw  Electric Motorcycle

    Product Description Powerful, Efficient and Reliable BLDC Motors We are leading manufacturer of general-purpose brushless dc (BLDC) motors with power range from 200W to 20KW, and the voltage range from 24V to 120V DC. It has been w...

    2021-12-27 00:12:10
  • Long Life Hybrid Stepper Motor for Auto Parts Closed Loop

    Product Description Product Characteristics 1.Precision step angle1.8 ° / Step 2.Can be customized according to customer requirements 0.9 °, 3 °, 3.6 °, 0.045 °,0.15 °, 0.18 ° step angle 3.Step angle accuracy ± 0.09 ° (no ...

    2021-12-26 19:53:39
  • Pcp Pump Surface Drive 150HP Rotaing Head with Motor

    Product Description Variable Speed Drives Direct-drive motor drives is made up of flameproof permanent magnet motor and intelligent VFD control cabinet, is my company for oil field PCP and PCP CBM development of ahighly efficient e...

    2021-12-26 14:33:05
  • 3phase 1kw 220V 1000rpm 130mm 10nm AC Servo Motor and Driver

    Product Description Siheng best sellers 130SF-M10010 Ac Servo Motor 220V 1Kw 10nm Servo Motor and driver for Milling machine Product Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

    2021-12-26 11:46:14
  • AC Gear Motor, DC Gear Motor Helical Gear High Precision Thr

    Product Description RRODUCT FATUERS: The company is a specialized factory that produces miniature gear reduction motors on a fixed-point basis. It has a production history of more than ten years. The company has a complete set of e...

    2021-12-26 10:01:30
  • Single Phase 3phase AC and DC Speed Control Motor

    Product Description Single phase 3phase ac and dc speed control motor Features: 100% copper winding wires, high quality cold roll silicon steel Dynamically balanced, original structure and attractive appearance High efficiency and ...

    2021-12-26 09:53:40

    Product Description ZD MOTOR , TRANSMISSION PLANETARY GEARBOX. Features: The planetary gearbox for transmission is widely matched with DC motor and BLDC motor. It shows the characters of high torque and controlablity as well as the...

    2021-12-26 05:40:54
  • 3.7V 6mm Coreless Motor with Plastic Planetary Gearbox Micro

    Product Description 3.7v 6mm Coreless Motor with Plastic Planetary Gearbox Micro DC Gear Motor Packing Details : 1.Export standerd carton/foam. 2.Customized packing condition per your requirements 3.QTY: 1000 pcs/ctn Carton Size: 3...

    2021-12-26 05:30:08
  • Fan Coil Motor Changzhou Motor Ysk-18-4aysk-25-4aysk-40-4A

    Product Description SHN Motors 1.Features 1). High efficiency 2). Long operating life 3). Low noise 4). Good temperature rise 5). Good balance 6). The most available design for the optimized running. 2.Related Specifications Type S...

    2021-12-26 03:18:44
  • 48V 24V High Power BLDC IP68 Underwater Motor Conveyor Rolle

    Product Description Specification of the DC brushless electrical roller transmission roll motor Specification parameters roller type: 1) Motor model: GDA-TL6601-01 2) Drive model:TLA-TL181001A Specific components and parameter info...

    2021-12-26 00:34:52

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