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Optical Fiber, Cable & Wire

  • 2-288 Core Fig 8 Outdoor Fiber Optic Communication Cable GYT

    Product Description 2-288 Core Fig 8 Outdoor Fiber Optic Communication Cable GYTC8S Features: 1. Up to 288 Fiber Optic. 2. The loose tube stranding technology make the fibers have good secondary excess lenth and allow the fibers fr...

    2021-12-28 18:30:02
  • XLPE Insulating Sheath Aluminum Cable 25mm 3 Phase Cable

    Product Description The description of Multicore power cable : 1. Conductors: copper or aluminum. 2. Both armored and non-armored type power cables are available. 3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kv 3.6/6kv 6/10kv 8.7/15kv 26/35kv 1200kv 4....

    2021-12-28 16:40:40
  • Shanghai Qifan Subsea Composite Power Cable (Lead Sheath) Su

    Product Description Shanghai Qifan Subsea Composite Power Cable (Lead Sheath) submarine cable submarine power cable is a major transmission cable for carrying electric power below the surface of the water. I t is also possible to u...

    2021-12-28 16:10:41
  • Low Tension Automotive Copper Braid

    Product Description Company Introduction Jiangyin Yuanda Electrical Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin, the most developed city in Jiangsu Province ,China. Facing Taihu Lake in the south and bordering Changjiang River in the...

    2021-12-28 15:44:09
  • 0.6/1kv 4 Core Armoured Cable 120mm PVC Armoured Power Cable

    Product Description 0.6/1kV 4 core armoured cable 120mm pvc armoured power cable Product Description 0.6/1kV XLPE Cable is used indoor or outdoor, in tunnel, cable furrow or pipe. It able to bear external mechanical forces, but the...

    2021-12-28 11:26:51
  • 10kv Outdoor Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories Hg Armo

    Product Description 10KV Outdoor Heat Shrinkable Power Cable Accessories HG armor belt Armored tape also called armor wrap, industrial wrapping tape, armor cast or armor belt. It is packed (rolls) dry in a sealed foil envelope It i...

    2021-12-28 09:13:03
  • Perfect Quality Electric Copper Wire Cable 8 Ohm Speaker

    Product Description Twin flat wire flexible white black red color speaker cable Hot sale products Hot sale in Quick Details Place of Origin: Changzhou, China Brand Name: Ocsonic Model Number: 20-1621 Type: Twisted Pair Application:...

    2021-12-28 04:13:26
  • 3.6/6kv~26/35kv Single/ Three Cores Cu/Al Swa/Sta Medium Vol

    Product Description Medium Voltage Cable Rated Voltage of 3.6/6kV~26/35kV Cable Structure Note:1,Conductor 2,Conductor Screen 3,XLPE Insulation 4,Insulation Screen 5,Metallic Shield 6,Nonwovens 7,Spacer Sleeve 8,Armour 9,Filler 10,...

    2021-12-28 03:57:07
  • Copper / Aluminum Conductor XLPE / PVC Insulated Electric Wi

    Product Description Copper Aluminum Conductor XLPE PVC insulated electric wire cable 1Main application The cable is used for fixed installations such as electric power distribution networks or industrial installations, which is lai...

    2021-12-28 01:52:26
  • PVC Sheath Jacket Multicore Electrical Copper Wire Shield St

    Product Description 0.6/1kV LV(Low voltage) PVC Cable ,Cu conductor /PVC or XLPE Insulated /PVC sheathed /Steel Wire Armoured /Steel Tape Armored/ Electric Cable For Construction,Power station,Power plant,Industrial,Underground 1.D...

    2021-12-27 22:08:07
  • Composite Siamese Antenna Cable Rg59 2c

    Product Description Product Description OPTIONS FOR MATERIAL(ALL CUSTOMIZED): 1)Conductor:TC, CCS, CCA, BC, OFCavailable; 2) Foam: Foam PE, PE, SPE available; 3) Braiding Foil: Al-Foil or Bonded Al-Foil available; 4)Braidingcoverag...

    2021-12-27 20:44:31
  • 100sqmm SCA Conductor Greased for Overhead Transmission Line

    Product Description Description: The use of Aluminium as a material for electrical conductors has greatly developed mainly due to its electrical properties. However, Aluminium conductors for most of transmission lines which spans a...

    2021-12-27 19:40:50
  • ACSR Bare Stranded Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Condu

    Product Description ACSR Bare Stranded Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Conductor 1 .Application ACSR is suitable for all voltage grade of overhead transmission and distribution lines. 2.Standard (1). ASTM B232/B 232M:concentric...

    2021-12-27 19:08:13
  • Low Voltage PVC Insulation Cable 3 Cores Conductor Power Cab

    Product Description Applications : Used outside as energy utility and lighting cables, in cable ducts, under ground, under normal and salty water if specially made. Construction :Conductor : Annealed Aluminum Conductor as per IEC 6...

    2021-12-27 14:40:04
  • LC Sc Loose Tube Fiber Optic Patch Cord

    Product Description LE SC LC Simplex Duplex Optical Fiber Patch Cord LE Fiber Patch Cable with Future-Proof Speed and a Reliable Connectivity. Itprovides exceptional transmission performance and low signal losses. Our Standard Ferr...

    2021-12-27 13:27:45
  • FTP Cat5e Communication Cables for CCTV and Internet OEM/ODM

    Product Description We can provide CAT5e,CAT6,CAT6a,CAT7 cable, Security Cable,Network Cable,Speaker/Audio Cable,Telephone Cable for different use as customize. a)We are anexperienced factory. As the LARGEST BUYER of European Marke...

    2021-12-27 13:20:23
  • 0.6/1 Kv 2X4 AWG ASTM Electrical Wire XLPE ABC Cable

    Aluminium Core XLPE/PE/PVC Insulated Aerial Bunched Cable Company Information Luoyang Asian Sun Group has developed into aintegrated group company since established in 2006.covering more than 10 production workshop s with about 210...

    2021-12-27 13:17:59
  • HDP26-18-14se-Cl20 Succedaneum Deutsch Connector HDP20 Kit

    We opened plastic molds of the connectors, sockets, plugs and receptacles. 20AWG pure copper quality wires are employed to manufacture these adapters. We can always make the adapters and cables with excellent connectivity and durab...

    2021-12-27 13:14:24

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